FOR WOMAN BENEFITS Moisturize and hydrates skin. Removes and prevent ingrown hair. Leaves skin soft and supple rejuvenates. Removes dead skin cells. Prepares skin for product penetration. Smooth skin surface expose skin healthier layer.







WHAT IS IT: Exfoliator , formulated turmeric root power ,pure lemon essential oil and grapeseed oil. we use Cane sugar  to help skin rid of dead skin cells to reveal beautiful glowing skin. 




HOW TO USE: Apply to wet skin in a circular motion until granules dissolve rinse with cool water follow with our yoni light serum. Use as often as needed to prevent ingrown hair, use 1 day after wax/ shave.




INGREDIENTS: Can sugar, honey, Castile Soap , Grape Seed Oil , Coconut oil, Aloe vera oil, Turmeric oil, Lemon Essential Oil,  Tree tea essential oil, lavender essential oil.

Pure Bliss Yoni Polish